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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  May 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they never gave up hope they would find the people responsible. >> dan, bryan stow's family has been at his bed side since transferred to san francisco general hospital. lapd called her at seven:45 yesterday morning to give her the good news. >> we never give up hope that the day would come and justice would happen. >> family members say they received a call early yesterday morning from the los angeles police that they arrested the main suspect in their son's brutal beating. >> it was an emotional day yesterday . we were excited. one of the pieces of the puzzle was put in place. >> los angeles mayor gosa told reporters they had arrested 30 year old jovana ramirez who
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resembles this sketch. >> it is a very difficult investigation and a lot of moving pieces in motion. but a significant, significant break . one that will lead to a successful prosecution i am sure. >> wat team members found him where the attack took place in the parking lot. they had served time in jail and he was arrested for firing a weapon in public. he was convicted for robbery and attempted robbery. they are looking for another assailant and a witness who drove the get away car. >> we got the first suspect and we will identify you and bring you in. >> stow is still in a coma, but he's opening his eyes and doctors stopped giving him one of five seizure medications.
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he was transported from usc medical center in los angeles. his family said it is heart breaking to see him in a coma. >> it is so hard, regardless we continue to talk to him and play music. >> the big tip came from ramirez' parole agent. he noticed the resemblance to the sketch and the tattoo that was covered by more tattoos. investigators believe he was trying to hide the original tattoo. vick lee abc 7 news. >> a contra costa father is trying to figure out why his mother would kidnap his four month old daughter. signs outside welcome ramy gallego hope. they located her and arrested the grandmother. 58 year old erica gallego for
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kidnapping. erica may have been lonely. >> i believe she loves the baby and not harm her. she took a mental wrong turn. >> ramy's parents awoke to find their daughter miss the bassinet. ramy was reunited with her mother today. she is in good health. >> police arrested a 15 year old oakland high school girl because she had a loaded handgun on campus. it was in the backpack. they were arrested for having a dagger. >> and it is scary for my daughter. and it is not safe.
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authorities are investigating whether the fight was gang-related. the students could be expelled from school. >> roughly a third of all contra costa building inspectors will be let off. the inspectors don't think it is true. heather ishimaru is live with us tonight. >> the building's department has a five million budget short fall. and the harsh reality is in the big bank account picture. things like public safety and law enforcement are more important to try to save over inspectors. >> they warn that residents have to deal with more with two nonunion managers are laid off next week. >> a lot of homeless people
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and breaking in out of the window and have to keep the bums out of there. >> the affect would be a property like fewer people come out and make sure it is taken care of: >> the money is not there. supervisor john joy said they are funded through the revenues which had plummeted in 2008. there were 8000 to 9000 inspections a year. most of the lay offs are new construction inspectors. >> it gets all of the revenue from fees and you look around and see the decrease in home construction and decrease in major remodels. it is a difficult time. they are upset about the new building office remodel with half million budgeted this
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year for furniture. they are looking at 500, i again . even if it were given back the jobs could not be saved. >> they will focus on keeping up the condition of abandoned homes. >> if they are light. that's our focus. we don't need the same number of building inspectors looking at construction because it is not occurring. >> many of them will be taking a vacation day to take their case to the supervisor's meeting in the morning. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> firefighters close off a san francisco street briefly after strong winds blew out a building and sent glass raining down on the building below. it is ninth street that is closed between mission and market as crews cleaned up the glass. we don't have reports of anyone hurt. >> sevenprotestors are facing
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charges tonight after a stunt that had three of them dangling from the ropes by the bridge. they did it to convince chevron to clean up waste in equadorleft by oil production. >> swaying in the wind below a giant banner. they told us by cell phone he was not worried for his safety. >> equador. >> and they are calling on chevron to clean up waste left by oil drilling in the ama zon. their tactics did not amuse the highway patrol. they are booked on suspicion of trespassing. >> and they say after they were dropped off protestors prole -- propelled all over the bridge. it came from someone in a boat. >> officers got a little bit of misinformation on where the
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location was . at first they were not able to locate them correctly. >> and they will get arrested and help chevron and see the message laud and clear. >> they saw the message and the company doesn't agree with it. texaco which chevron now owns did its part of the clean up and what is left is the responsibility. >> they have continued to make more than 70 billion off of oil operations and haven't spent a penny cleaning up what they are responsible for. >> they ruled against chevron they ruled it was not a fair trial. >> it is a misconduct and we don't think it is enforceful. >> protestors plan to protest in the annual shareholders this week. abc sevennews. >> cisco systems of accusing
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chris so of giving them information . cisco thopped build the fire wall of chin a. cisco sells the same in china as other countries. >> petco pet store chain is threatening to sue in san francisco. there is a city hall proposal to ban all chain stores from the area. the head of the small business commission said we'll take our chances on that. >> a showdown for at&t and community activist in san francisco. at&t wants to upgrade the equipment but opponents say what they are proposing is blight. here's the story from san francisco. >> at&t said the big boxes represent the most significant upgrade in the 100 year
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history of the operation in san francisco. telecommunication's giant had a handful in place and wants to install 726 u-verse utility boxes in the city. wooloffer faster internet speed and better telephone service to compete. >> and so why are these people protesting? >> they represent san francisco beautiful. the sierra club and the neighborhood parks' council. >> let's have beauty and not boxes. >> it would congest side wakes and invite graffiti. they want technology installed on private property or under ground. >> you could wake up and find it in front of your house and there is nothing to do about it. >> at&t and promising neighbors that don't want them will get them. >> they installed the utility boxes in 260 california communities including most in the bay area.
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san francisco is the only major hold out. >> the san francisco planning department decided that the project is good to go and critics say it deserves more scrutiny in terms of environmental review. they went door to door lobbying city lawmakers who will whether to okay the decision. >> i think it is fantastic. >> the supervisor wants the at&t upgrade. >> it takes 700 boxs and putting them in my district to provide it for the city. sign me up. >> the people can't put them in line on the sidewalks. this is the second time in three years at&t tried to get approval. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> and coming up on abc7 news. we'll show you how a budget battle over pay rolls and
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pension turned in a struggle for civil right in the san jose city hall. >> supreme court upholds a order to reduce the california prison population. what will happen to thousands of inmates. a look at the jobs. car dealerships are hiring. and spencer christian, this afternoon strong winds are blow
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> men who earned their place history made an appearance in san jose today. they are taking sides in the
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bitter budget battle in san jose. >> the first christian church in san jose was a quiet place for a loud message. the unions are fighting the mayor's proposal to declare a fiscal state of emergency. >> it is worse with the politics. i think he has taken no approach to work with the bargaining unit. >> two prominent civil rights advocates are adding their voices to the cause. they were part of the historic strike by sanitation worker in memphis. they say their struggle decades ago continues today. >> balancing the budget on the backs of the union workers. >> mayor chuck reed said the san jose pedges costs expected to hit 450 million in five years must be brought under
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control. he said the alternative is more lay offs and less service. >> we have an emergency and trying to avert a disaster. the time to issue the warning is before the tsunami arrives it is on the way. >> it is a major milestone in a debate that could end up in court. >> the declaration would decimate the collective bargaining rights. five members were in today's event including the mayor's efforts illegal. >> we'll be caught up in a legal battle and in the end of the day residents will not get the service they deserve. >> the mayor's plan protects current pension and reducing future benefits. >> bottom line is, numbers have to make sense. the math has to work. >> showdown in the council chambers is expected to be far more caucus than today's
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respective gathering. abc 7 news. >> u.s. supreme court upheld a court order requiring thousands of prison inmates to improve health care for those who remain. the ruling corrects long standing violations for the inmate's rights. it is no more than 110,000 inmates. there are more than 142,000 inmates in the california prisons. >> we are hopeful that this is going to be a step that will solve the california prison crowding crisis and solve the horrible conditions in the prisons. >> it is a disaster. there is sex offenders and kidnappers out . a host of bad people in california without the resource to protect the good citizens of california. >> supporters of the release order said there are way to reduce the prison population and maintain safety.
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correction's officials have two week to submit a prison release plan. >> take a look. you can see what happened in sky 7 hd. two pillars that support the floating dock in the ferry terminal. they have been at work trying to fix this but tell us that the ferries will not runirth. >> it was gusty all over the place . will that continue? >> you know, we had gusts at sfo at 50 miles per hour and this afternoon it was breezy. we have gone from breeze tow down right windy . we'll pan and beginning to move away from richardson bay and look at san francisco and out toward ocean beach. you will see short and wow, what a beautiful evening. we have a few thin high clouds and mainlyy sunny skis and it
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is windy right now . look at conditions this afternoon. strong breezes on the coastline . high temperatures in the inland areas and up in the midcents and high of 74 and concord 75 . in santa rosa 60s on the bay . 59 in half moon bay . here is the current wind gusts up to 47 miles per hour at sfo and 30 miles per hour gust at hayward and san jose and gusts up to 23 miles per hour . most location are pretty windy right now . clear skies and it will remain breezy overnight. mix of sun and high thin sirius clouds tomorrow . rain on wednesday. it keeps changing . shows high pressure building in and that will bring us a sunny day tomorrow . again, thin high sirius clouds and the funnel system will come in on wednesday and produce rainfall . 5:00 wednesday morning and beginning of rush hour and see
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the first wave of rainfall pushing in the northern bay . it is rain spreading to all parts of the bay area . then the front will sweep on through in the afternoon hours and midafternoon and late afternoon. we'll see clear rain will be out of here on the end of the day on wednesday. look for a few clouds developing and we'll see low temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s . mainly sunny skis and south bay and high temperatures in the low cents . cupertino and campbell . ranging from upper 60s and redwood city and mountain view . mid-to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco will have a high of 62 and 58 in the sunset district . low 70s up 73 in santa rosa and sonoma . upper 60s inland. milder with low to midcents . 72 in concord and 73 in walnut
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creek . santa cruise . milder inland and 73 in morgan hill and gilroy. rain likely wednesday and it will be cooler as well. highs in the mid-to upper 60 . low to mid-50s on the coast. milder weather for the remainder of the forecast period. breezy on sunday and pleasant day on monday with memorial day with temperatures back in the 70s. >> it is a little bit of rain . thin high sirius tomorrow. it will be seriously sunny. >> oh, boy. >> thank you, spencer. >> important new information if your dinner comes from the bay. >> new health and safety guidelines for catching and eatititititititititititititititi
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>> the state office for environmental hazard said issued guide liance for eating fish in the bay. some species have more mercury than others. women of child bearing age were most susceptible to murkry poisoning and should avoid eating bass and sturgionns. other species should be limited to two servings a week. men and women over 45 years of age can eat more species.
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we have a break down on see it on tv. make sure you keep your family safe. >> a sharp down turn in stock prices. there was new concerns about the debt crisis in europe. nasdaq and s&p 500 lost ground as well oil prices fell another two and half dollars today and closed at 97.70 a barrel . san francisco business times report that is luxury home in san francisco, house worth a million or more have fall tone the lowest level in 7 years and toyota announced plans for a social networking service . friend other toyota owners and get messages for your car. >> several of san francisco's red fire trucks were replaced by engines painted pink. they are trying to raise
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awareness of breast cancer. they have visited 220 cities. they have names of loved ones affected by cancer. >> the guardians of the ribion was started three years ago with a firefighter from arizona. that's next >> still ahead on abc 7 news. the search for survivors after a devastating tornado in the midwest. six miles of destruction and the worst in 60 years. >> a christian radio hosts goes on the air in oakland and explains why the world didn't end when he said it would. >> looking beyond smart meters. information gate waaaaaaaaaaaaap
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>> the search for survive oars continues in joplin, missouri following the single deadliest tornado in the u.s. in 60
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years. rescuers pulled this man from the home this morning. he's a few of the lucky ones. there are 116 dead and 400 injured. the massive twister cut a six mile swath of destruction and wiping out entire neighborhoods. >> i am in shock really. it is where i used to live. it is really gone. >> just like you see it is a scary feeling. your neighbors are gone. they are gone. >> the national weather service gave the twister a prelimary level of ef 4. officials estimate 2000 buildings were damaged in the city of 50,000. >> this is a dramatic and difficult time which is gone to continue. the weather is not helpful and i ask that everyone in the region and country continue to pray for the folks.
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it is a difficult time. it was one of 68 tornados reported over the states in the weekend. we'll have more from joplin after abc sevennews at 11:00. >> as we all know, the world did not come to an end on saturday when a christian radio hosts predict neither did the radio program. since the deadline for the rapture came and went, champion took to the air waves and during his broadcast he tried to explain how flabbergasted he was when the world didn't end. >> what about you? are you ready to shoot yourself or ready to go on a booze trip or whatever? i can tell you candidly, that when may 21 came and went, it was a very difficult for me.
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a very difficult time. he has not lost the faith. it dawned on him on sunday god entered the world physically. >> the f.b.i. said crime dropped in the fourth consective year. >> violent crime did go up in richmond by 7 percent x. concord 40 percent. but most of the bay area it went down three and half percent in san francisco. 7.7 in oakland . six and half in san jose. murder is down five and half and rape down four.two percent . property crimes which include autotheft is down three percent. >> oakland jury has the case in the murder trial of chauncey bailey.
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deliberations started today. the district attorney rested her case continuing juror yusuf bey and mackey arey as charged. bey is accused of ordering the ark sassination of bailey to prevent a story. >> i have a feeling that given the number of exhibits and the potential for read back and that sort of thing. i imagine the jury will take a couple of day to get settled in. if convicted bey and mackey face life in prison. >> president obama cut short the stop in ireland today because of an erupting volcano in iceland. ash is in the skies from the volcano that start to erupt on sunday. officials don't expect the ash to reach continental europe. but airline in scotland cancelled most of their
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flights. air traffic last year was grounded for days. >> and in ireland. president obama talked about the impact of irish immigrants. his great, great, great grandfather was born in ireland and came to the u.s. in the 1850s. yikes. that's what happened to the limousine in the president's motorcade as it left the u.s. embassy. the obamas were not in the limo at the time. >> smart meters were the first step toward a new kind of interconnected power network called the smart grid. concerns about health risk stalled progress on that. but an effort is underway to get the smart grid moving once again. >> smart meters generated more opposition than pg&e. >> we never realized it would
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be front and center to the primary focus of concern. >> they were designed to be a information gate way. instead health concerns surfaced . talk of the interconnected smart grid faded. >> it is a dialogue under the roof. >> that's the goal this week in the santa clara convention center. consumer advocates and watch dogs and utility companies hope to find common ground. >> we hope to bring the conversation to the people impacted. one, with the aint of managing their bills and look at that thing and cleaner energy. >> proponents of the grid said smart meters will monitor on a real-time basis and reduce the chances of a shocking bill. >> they will reduce the types
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of surprises. >> in the meantime they believe such services are on the horizon . links the smart meters with the grid. >> you will see a big shift from six or 12 or 18 months . over the period of early stage almostt if you will of getting technology out there to seeing the services. two-thirds of all consumers don't know what the smart grid is. despite early objectionses. the smart grid is moving for it and with it opportunities for jobs and consumers to manage their bills. in santa clara. david lowy abc 7 news. >> still to come, a look at where the jobs are. >> a car dealer is hiring at
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>> there are continuing indications that the economy is getting better and the job market is warming up. >> tomorrow in san jose one autodealership groups is recruiting 3 dozen positions. >> the picture in the metropolitan area is significantly improving. >> ruth said jan jose has the best job growth rate. >> employers are feeling
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comfortable hire they don't do that unless they feel comfortable that they can improve their situation. >> the road to economic recovery is leading here to autodealers. more people are buying cars and spending money and increased number of customers means they are hiring again. >> the economy is getting better and we are getting busier and busier and selling over a thousand cars a month. >> they have eight dealerships and offering 39 job openings in the job fair. >> we need to make sure we have sales consultants and support shuttle drivers and customer service reps. >> and she was training eight new ones today. traditional ways of doing business are gone and job fair are an opportunity for people who ever thought about getting in the job business. >> we have different types was
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jobs available like graphic design and video graver that we have on staff here and these are parts that the internet have brought into our business. >> the internet is a major source for customers who are looking for vehicles. there are jobs available in the car fair and that is an encouraging sign. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> tomorrow, the job fair is co-sponsored by abc and the job journal. it is in san jose from noon to four. >> coming up here next. the exploding population of wild horse in the west. >> what is likely to happen if
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>> >> a googelt executive who sparked the revolution in egypt. he led the protest that led to the removal of mubarak.
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he was named a recipient of an award on the behalf of people of egypt. >> population of wild horses is exploring. the country's largest herd roams on the california-nevada border north of reno. the government said numbers need to be controlled. others are fighting to allow them to roam free. this government helicopter is roundings up wild horses near reno. 10,000 animals are chased to pens by the bureau of land management. there are 33,000 bureaus and mules and horses roaming 10 western states mostly in nevada. one-five percent will die in the round up. the government said if they don't round up the horses the population would double every four years.
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these horses are taken to a coral an hour and half from reno. the west was built on the horse's back. >> denise is with the american wild horse preservation campaign. she believes they are mistreated and mishandled and rounded up so bureau can lease more ranch land. >> it is competition between live stock and commercial interest. >> jeff montana is with the bureau. he said it is about keeping the animals from starving and destroying the habitat for other species. >> we work to sustain the thriving population. but we have to make sure they don't use the resource that is limited. water is limited in this country and so is foilage. >> a recent independent review by the interior department found round ups are necessary and justified to maintain the ecological balance of the land. in the twin peaks coral.
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they are cared for in large pens. death ray rate here is six percent. but left in the wild could go 20 percent. >> we bring them here and give them first round of innoculation and different vaccines and place them in pens. >> the bureau admits there are risks of rounding them up and putting them in pens. they rounded up 1900 horse calico mountain in nevada . 115 died and 40 pregnant mares lost the colts. animals simply couldn't tolerate the change in food. this was shot by animal activist at a facility. there was horses in the mix of mud and feces so deep it made it difficult to lie down and stand up. the bureau of land management
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moved more than 100 from the facility after the video was made public. sandy janson grew up and doesn't want to see the horses go. but believe that is the population needs to be controlled. >> i believe in maintaining a herd and not let it overthe place. they get scounge yeare thin. >> she came to adopt one of the horses. it would be one -- her second. >> ranchers have three wild horses and two bureaus . they speak at public adoptions and offer advice. >> you can adopt them for 125 and people go do that and hey, 125 horse. i can train this horse. people need to get the help they need to succeed. >> while adoptions may be part of the answer to controlling the wild horse population. only 30 percent may be taken
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home and some released to the wild after given birth control and others shipped to other facilities in the country. >> wild horse advocates won a victory when a federal judge ruled in their favor. >> and we had a lovely day today. we will look at time lapse. clear skies and a few thin broken clouds moving over head and vanishing. we have changes our way. state wide, a lovely day and mainly sunny skies tomorrow . 77 in sacramento and 81 in fres no . 93 in palm springs and a mild day here . enjoy the sun with high temperatures inland and 60s in the bay and upper 50s on the coast and tomorrow night at&t park. giants take on the florida marlins and breezy and cool at
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game time . here's thac weather 7 day forecast. rain arrives and cool day with high temperature in the 60s inland. we get sunny and dry conditions for thursday and monday. a programming note, hosting a special ophrah looks back 25 years in the ophrah winfrey show. the final episode airs here at 4:00. >> i can't believe after all of these years. >> and right. >> do or die for the sharks. >> the question will be. z
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>> join me on coffee tv 20. we'll check out the next generation smart phones and see how researchers plan to revolutionize the cell phone as we know it. >> and here on 11:00, more on the social networking on your car. is it cool or creepy? michael finney will let us know about that. cool and creepy. >> and that's right. >> and way of communicating. he knows what i am thinking.
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the sharks in desperation. down three games to one on vancouver. >> and the bizarre 5 on 3 goals scored by the canuckings. they were the best team in hockey and showing why. this is not a surprise. they are good. and i think you will see it it is hurt all of the time. the sharks have work to do for game five.
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right off of the bat. we show them good things. technically we think we can do better. in the playoffs you have short memories. they have been here before and will not go away without a fight. >> it is not a question of heart. i know we have it. we have to go out there and execute. we have to win there. it is a tough one to go into. chicago bullless center was fined a 50,000 for directing an antigay slur at a fan last night. the miami fan was sitting nearby and managed to string together k-wors caught on
6:56 pm
camera. they fined kobe bryant $100,000 and today noah said he was sorry. >> i apologize about that comment to the fan. i was frustrated . he said something disrespectful to me and i lost my cool. >> the french open began today and no one is playing better. and there was a wind streak. they watch them go right back for the winner. all you can ask for at that point is a blind fold and cigarette. it is over. he wins his 38th straight match . 09 french open winner roger federer taking on lopez. they are on top of their
6:57 pm
screen for a winner in the open court. he won the first two sets and moves on to the second round. 6 of had 3, 6 4. this is what they do for fun in billinghurst england. they remove the blades for safety . away they go. there is an actual long mower association racing in england and making sure no one shows up with a rocket. thank you, lairep. thank you, lairep. >> i am dan ash >> and
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